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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Jul 29, 2020

In this episode, I discuss a few specific workouts a hiker can use to increase their hiking speed. 


Some people are quick hikers. Some people are slower hikers. When it comes down to it, it usually doesn't matter what pace you go. Hiking is for your pleasure. And in all honesty, as long as you are comfortable, having a good time and can safely complete your distances, speed shouldn't be your primary concern.


However, there are a few situations where a hiker might want to increase their hiking speed:


  • You are going with a group and don't want to hold people up
  • You want to be able to cover more miles or kilometres every day
  • You like the challenge 


And in any of these situations, increasing the speed which you can hike, can potentially be very important. 


Now when it comes to hiking speed, there are two things every single hiker should be doing:


1) Improving their fitness

2) Improving their strength


The reasoning behind this is if you can improve your endurance and strength, allowing you to need less rest while hiking, and allowing you to sustain a higher pace in tough sections, this will dramatically increase your speed.


However, if you are already doing these things, there are a few specific workouts a hiker can follow to help increase their hiking speed.


And in this episode, I tell you exactly what they are.


You will learn:


  • When improving your hiking speed might be important
  • Why general fitness and strength are so crucial for improving your speed on the trail
  • Why it is so hard to improve your hiking speed if you are not consciously trying to do so
  • Three specific workouts which can be fantastic for improving hiking speed


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