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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Oct 29, 2019

In this episode, I discuss how you can get fit, strong and resilient for a significant hike or trek (if you are carrying a few extra kilos around the middle).

Hiking and trekking are sports for all body shapes and sizes. There should be no exclusion in these amazing activities. And everyone should feel comfortable aspiring towards any adventure they have their heart set on.

But let's face it, if you are carrying a few extra kilos, hiking and training can really grind you up.

And unfortunately, the majority of training information around hiking out there is designed for the smaller framed hiker. And if you are carrying a few extra kilos around the middle, and try to follow this advice, you are just asking for trouble...

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why trying to follow a 'traditional' hiking or trekking training program, is not a good idea
  • A simple way in which you can improve your aerobic fitness, without running the risk of breaking down with overuse injuries
  • A very important rule to follow with your hike training (if you want to ensure continual improvement WITHOUT pain, injury or burnout)
  • Two pieces of gear you NEED to get right if you are carrying a few extra kilos around the middle...
  • A dead-simple nutrition tip which can do wonders for a hiker who is trying to manage their weight


Need some help getting fit, strong and resilient for your adventures (while ensuring you stay pain free, healthy and happy)?

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