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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Apr 30, 2020

Today I am talking about a simple training tool a hiker can use, which can spice up your training and greatly challenge your balance and stability.
Hiker's love training balance. Which is fair enough. Because a huge part of hiking is on unstable terrain. Whether it is slippery mud, shifting rocks, or just uneven footing, it is all pretty common.
And as such, I often see hikers buying all types of balance training equipment online. Most of which are probably not doing you much good.  
But hikers seem to be missing one tool, which can be a fantastic aid at improving balance and stability. And better yet, more than likely they already have this sitting in their hiking kit...
Inside this episode:
  • A great training tool a hiker can use to challenge your balance and stability 
  • When a hiker should consider using this tool (Hint: this should NOT be used all the time)
  • A few simple exercise and workout examples a hiker can use to significantly challenge their stability and core


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