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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

While trekking at high altitude, what you put in your mouth can play a significant role in keeping you happy, safe and successful on the mountain. Specifically, carbohydrates are incredibly important for a number of reasons while on an altitude adventure. 

Inside this episode:

  • The first bad review I got for my altitude course, Altitude 101 (and the silver lining which came out of it)
  • How carbohydrates can play an interesting role in avoiding the  dreaded hypothermia
  • The crucial element in the popular 'fat adaptation' strategy which SO many people seem to forget (which can seriously jeopardise your performance on the mountain!)
  • What role carbohydrates play in your exercise performance, how you feel on the mountain, your chance of altitude sickness, your breathing and acclimatisation while at altitude
  • And much, much more

If you were interested in learning more about how to prevent altitude sickness and perform at your best on the mountain, you can find the online, altitude education course Altitude 101, here: