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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Jul 15, 2019

In this episode, I chat with Trevor Builder - a high altitude trekker with some serious ambitions! We chat about different approaches to training for trekking, tips for high altitude and practical advice for aspiring adventurers.

Inside this episode we discuss:

  • The value of following a strength and conditioning program when preparing for a trek  (and why it is orders of magnitude more effective than just 'getting fit')
  • The key to overcoming any rock scrambling or hopping you have ahead of you  (Spoiler: he is NOT a fan of trekking poles for this...)
  • A great strategy to keep you focused on the trail (which will surprise you with its effectiveness!)
  • Some time proven favorites to snack on at altitude  (and why food choices for altitude aren't as simple as you would first think...)
  • A quick list of tips to help your acclimatisation at high altitude  (and why simulated altitude training is NOT the solution here)
  • Some must do recommendations for any first time trekker  (which will give you a HUGE advantage on the trail)

Trevor Builder is a high altitude adventurer and one half of Cut Lunch Adventures and Project Base 8000. He and his partner are currently on a mission to trek to the base camps of the world’s 14 highest mountains over 8000m - by 2020. They both train at Joe's Basecamp.

Can can find Trevor on:


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