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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

In this episode, I share a few simple home workout strategies a hiker can use if they are currently working from home.

Many hikers out there at the moment are stuck at home. And many hikers are struggling with inactivity.

But let me tell you now...

Physical activity and training will be incredibly important at this time. You may not be training for a significant adventure in the near future but finding some way to maintain your exercise and physical health during this time, will do wonders for your energy levels, productivity, mindset and mental health.

So today, I share with you a few simple strategies to help fit in some training while working at home.

You will learn:

  • Why 'optimal' is out and 'practical' is in
  • One simple method which can keep you fresh, energised and happy throughout the day
  • A great productivity technique to use when working from home (which can explode the quality of your work while helping you fit in some extra training)
  • How to use common 'triggers' during the day to help squeeze in some exercise


Need help putting together a home workout program for hiking?

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