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The Training For Trekking Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

In this episode, I discuss a few unusual ways of progressing your stair or hill intervals (which don't involve adding extra weight, spending more time or finding a new place to train).
Hikers love stair training. With good reason! It is super specific for the trail. It can be seriously challenging. And, for many people, it is very convenient.
The usual approach of hikers to stair training goes something like this:
They find a convenient set of stairs. They start with just their body weight. Over time, they slowly add some weight to their pack.
This approach works. There can be no doubt about that!
But what if you don't want to add any more weight? Maybe you are at the limit you can confidently wear. Perhaps you have maxed out your pack's carrying capacities. Maybe your upper body is getting a bit sore.  What then?
Well, this is what we explore in today's episode.  
You will learn:
  • How 'pre-fatiguing' your legs can help trick the body into thinking it is working harder
  • How changing where you carry the weight can be an easy way of adding some extra training stimulus
  • A few different 'stepping patterns' you can apply to stair training, to add some extra challenge


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